Thursday, September 25, 2008

Give Us Your Input

With still seven months remaining until race day, many of you probably have not quite gotten your training underway. Not to panic. There is still plenty of time. For us, however, time is very, very short. Since this is my first year as chairman of the race, (though I have a long history with the race route), I am already hearing the clock ticking toward the starting gun – and the clock is getting louder and faster with each tick.

You may or may not be surprised to learn that planning for the next Marathon and miniMarathon actually begins in May of the preceding year. Discussions, both formal and informal, are held among those of us responsible for the planning as we try to identify issues from the just-passed event and anticipate needs for the next one.

The one thing we never get enough of is input from you, the runners. Sure, we get some e-mails and some phone calls from time to time. We read what is posted on websites around the internet such as But, unfortunately, most of what we get is specific questions about the upcoming event, or comments about the past event. Both are helpful. What we would like more of is ideas and suggestions about how the race can be improved or made more appealing to you.

Whether you are a local runner undertaking the mini for the first, or tenth, or twentieth time, or a runner from another state thinking about visiting Louisville to tackle the full marathon for the first time, what do you hope to experience? What are your concerns? Tell us. We cannot promise all suggestions will be immediately adopted. But, you never know.

There are two e-mails you can use to reach us: will get you to the Event Director, Chad Pickering. If you want to communicate directly with me, you can use . Help us make 2009 the best race ever.

Wendell L. Jones


Anonymous said...


I can't imagine how to plan aid stations for the amount of runners involved with this event. But as a participant in years past, the first suggestion that popped in my head had to do with aid stations. Is there any way possible to get more than simply water? Or am I just so far back in the pack that water is all that is left by the time I get to the aid stations.

LOVE the Sport Beans. LOVE the bands (maybe a couple more en' route would be good). LOVE the route itself.

Good luck as the chair for 09'. Let me know if you need anything.

David Buckner

Anonymous said...

I would like to see some sort of Kids event with a possible link to schools in the metro area. It would help get our community more active and create a connection with members of the community who may not already be a part of this event. Perhaps something like the Kids Marathon at the Flying Pig or the Read, Right, and Run at GO! St Louis.

Anonymous said...

First time to Louisville in 2009 so you may already have this:

A sponge station around mile 20 would be great. It is nice to clean the salt off your face and get a refreshing sensation as you are coming down the home stretch.

Ben Gay or muscle spray at the first aid stations